Recently, I was talking to a group of founders about the importance of defining your brand as early as possible. Telling a consistent, compelling and relevant story from day one can help a startup in virtually every area of their business. 

During the talk, one of the founders was listening intently, taking lots of notes, and had a curious look on his face. Finally, I asked him if he had a question. The conversation went something like this:

Founder: “We’re in stealth mode, so we don’t need this yet.”

Me: “Are you talking to potential investors?”

Founder: “Yes”

Me: “Are you talking to other people about coming to work for you?”

Founder: “Yes”

Me: “Are you bouncing ideas off of outside mentors and advisors?”

Founder: “Yes”

Me: “So why don’t you think you need to start working on your brand? You’re already out there telling your story. The sooner you can define your brand identity, the better you will be able to position yourself consistently to everyone you talk with.”

Founder: “I never thought about that.”

I frequently have the same basic conversation with founders.

I get it, they are focused on turning their idea into a product and ultimately into a business. Brand is something they have been told they should not worry about until they start marketing and selling their product.

The reality is much different.

Building your brand begins the day you start your business and talk about the idea to another person.

There is no such thing as “stealth mode.”

Brand is about the experiences, expectations and perceptions you create around your business. Attracting investors, connecting with your first customers, hiring your first employees. This all starts day one, and long before your product ever goes to market.

Are you in “Stealth Mode” and not yet thinking about brand?

I can help you understand the importance of building your brand foundation now. This way you can more effectively tell a consistent, compelling and relevant story to everyone you need to work with. Starting with a strong brand foundation will serve you well for the life of your company. Don’t wait.

To find out more about how I help startups build their brands from day one please visit my website, and schedule a free discovery session.

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